This blog covers environmental, architectural and public space topics in Germany that have seldom or never been covered in English. The goal is to allow non-German-speakers to discover relevant and timely developments in Germany they otherwise wouldn’t know about – with occasional digressions. (My recreational blog is here.) Richard is an urban ecologist with a Ph.D. (Doktorat) in forest ecosystems.

He is currently an advisor on urban climate adaptation for the BUND (German Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation) Berlin chapter. In New York City, he taught and conducted research on urban ecosystems at the New School’s Urban Systems Lab. and served on the staff of an environmental planning and engineering consultancy. Prior to that he was a researcher at the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications. His Ph.D. is from Yale University and he holds an M.S. in plant biology and cultural botany (New York University / New York Botanical Garden) and a B.A. in Modern Culture and Media Studies (Brown University).

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