Cologne is the size of Tampa yet has both subways and streetcars, endless immaculate car-free shopping streets, world-class museums, and you can get anywhere by bike. It is generally considered Germany’s most relaxed city as well as its gay capital, to the surprise of those who know only Berlin’s international reputation.

1-4: Lots of Cologne looks like this. Plazas with cafes and car-free streets.

5-6: Free book stalls: take free books and/or leave your unwanted books. I found a fantastic one on urban green spaces such as the vine-covered wall behind the very stall where I found the book!

7: Landscape Protection Zone in central-city park

8-11: OMG functioning well-maintained first-world transportation infrastructure! Tablecloths in a train cafe, which haven’t been seen in the US in 50 years!

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