A ghost neighborhood in St. Louis, depopulated due to flooding

These are former residential streets in St. Louis that have been permanently evacuated in the 2000s and most of the houses demolished due to severe, persistent flooding, mainly in the basements. There are definitively no plans for resettlement. The problems had been noted in the 1950s by the Metropolitan Sewer District and persisted until the demolition, and still persist in varying degrees in nearby inhabited streets. The cause of the flooding seems to have been poor sewer and city planning dating back at least to the 1940s. My understanding is that, in short, there should have been either more sewers or fewer buildings. and the fate was sealed decades ago, leaving no other option apart from vacating entire blocks.

The collapsed house is the only one like it in the immediate area. Nearly all the others were razed without a trace; the few remaining are either boarded up or have empty windows. The area is near the northern city limit and heavily but by no means exclusively industrial, and very close to the Mississippi River.

As of July 2015, further houses nearby are slated for demolition. However, a team of city and state agencies, the Missouri Botanical Garden and Washington University is looking into the possibility of nature-related uses for the cleared land.

Bittner St

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