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With 67 shopping malls and more on the way, Berlin embraces its inner suburbanist

One of the biggest surprises awaiting the visitor to Berlin is the startling number of shopping malls. It can seem as though you’re never more than ten minutes from one. I had to compile my own map to see where they all are, as well as a New York City malls map for comparison. Click on the images below for the full interactive maps.

Berlin has 67 malls and there is “no end in sight” to the construction of more according to the Tagesspiegel newspaper; in fact three more are currently planned. New York has 16, which means Berlin has ten times as many malls per capita and four times as many per square mile. If New York City had the same density of malls it would have 156. It’s possible, though, there could be an upside to the mallification to which Berlin is thought to represent – by Americans at least – an antithesis.

Berlin (left) and New York. Click for interactive map. Blue lines are 10 miles. Grey denotes area beyond NYC limits. Malls in blue are not accessible by subway.

Greater berlin w 10 mile line NYC whole city w 10 mile line 2